Irrespective Of The Speed, It Never Feels Too Much In The Mercedes SLS AMG Black

A follow up to the 2013 C63 AMG Black, the SLS AMG is an extremely sturdy, loud and frenetic piece of machine which is extremely easy to over steer. Not only has it lost weight, but has also gained immense power and has been completely redesigned with upgrades all over the car such as aero bits. The car is also one touted as of the best race cars for the streets and boasts of stunning performance.

The Engine And Body Specifications

The SLS AMG boasts of a 6.2 liter V8 which gives an output of 622 horsepower and 468 pound – feet of torque. Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series by MEC Design The AMG also boasts of a gas strut in between the body and the engine to help with the stability of the vehicle. The AMG SLS also boasts of a top designed CFRP tube which runs all the way from the engine to the dual clutch 7 speed transmission which allows for quicker shifts. The CFRP has also been fitted about an inch lower to help in boosting the center of gravity of the vehicle. The AMG SLS is also lighter by as much as 154 pounds and also boasts of 10 spoke 19 / 20 inch alloy wheels.

Suspension And Interiors

The biggest change in the AMG SLS is the sleekness of its steering wheel which is flat bottomed and its lightness. Moreover, such is the balance of this wonder car that one never feels to be going out of control irrespective of what speeds they are in. The suspension has been tuned for greater rigidity and the additional presence of the VFRP has stiffened the body. The electronic LSD also ensures that the car behaves according to the commands of the users at all times. The car also comes with a 1000 watt Bang and Olufsen sound system along with the Command Infotainment systems.

Mercedes Off-Road Adventures

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Mercedes to Offer Subcompact Cars by 2018

The US new-car market does not have any subcompacts now. However, this trend can change in the coming years. There are certain reports coming in from the news sources which suggest that the automobile giant Mercedes-Benz is in talks with of its partners Renault-Nissan to start manufacturing subcompacts by 2018.

The fuel economy is an important criterion that can play a significant role during these times. The prices of traditional fuel sources such as gasoline and diesel has only been increasing in the past few years. This has literally forced automobile enthusiasts to start searching for options that are highly fuel-efficient. Perhaps this can explain why Mercedes-Benz is planning to team with Renault-Nissan. It appears that the company will be sharing its diesel as well as fuel cell technologies with Renault-Nissan. The subcompact will have shared features commonly seen in the present generation of cars from both of the companies.

The subcompact will feature technologies from Mercedes and Renault-Nissan

The news has already paved the way for concerns among the Mercedes fans. They fear that the company might slap on a badge to an offering from Renault-Nissan. However, reliable news sources show that Mercedes will be playing a very instrumental as well as important role in developing this subcompact car. Mercedes quality will be an asset to the resultant subcompact car. It appears that the company is keeping a tight lid over the specifications of the new subcompact car. Speculations suggest that there will be two iterations of the car – one will feature a 1 L diesel engine and the other will feature a 1.5 L diesel engine.mers_gla

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The company is already working on prototypes

Mercedes is now planning to source the design of the gasoline engine blocks from the existing Renault-Nissan cars. On the bright side, the same subcompact car will feature direct injection fuel management systems and cylinder heads that are already being applied to the present generation of Mercedes cars. According to internal sources, the company has named the prototypes of the car as ‘X-class’. Throughout the generations, Mercedes has paid ample attention to the car interiors. It has enabled the company to come out with offerings that give away a premium feeling to the interiors. We can expect the same set of features on this subcompact car too.

How is Mercedes planning to gain market share

The COMAND infotainment system already featured in many of the Mercedes cars will find itself included in the subcompact car. Currently, the price of the car is simply a matter of speculation. However, going by the industry standards, the company shall place a price tag of $ 20,000 for the car. On the other hand, the competing car manufacturers are already coming up with various subcompact iterations. The BMW i3 series expected to launch by the end of this year might pose as a challenge to Mercedes. The company is also planning to eat into the market share of cars such as the mini Cooper.

The Mercedes Benz A45 AMG Is All Set To Steal The Show At The 2013 New York Auto Show

The new version will be based on the company’s new CC platform which is featured in the B Class and the A Class hatchback. This platform is designed in a way that it shares electronic components and the power train with the company’s rear wheel drive sedans. This allows the existence of numerous high tech features in the machine. The main ones are amazing handling characteristics and top notch steering control.

The All New Benz – Inside And Outside

The old fashioned CLA shifter which featured in most cars made by the company has given way to the one located on the central console. The dashboard is also made a lot more attractive and features a woven carbon fiber structure. The exteriors of the AMG have also undergone some change. The main exterior features include rectangular dual exhausts. 19 inch aluminium wheels, a huge rear spoiler and aero flicks close to the front lower intakes. The standard model is expected to feature the cirrus white shade of paint with gray strips encompassing the hood, sides and the roof. The car also features the color red on the mirrors, brake calipers, front grille and the rear wing. The interior of the AMG continues to sport the black and red theme.

Expected Market Trends

The CLA45 is expected to hit showrooms by the end of 2013 or the beginning of 2014. With prices starting at about $50000, it aims at becoming much more accessible to more and more consumers. However, what remains to be seen is whether the customers are going to fall for the curvaceous body which seems to be more towards the tastes of the Chinese than the Americans.